Become a true lotto VIP

Play your favorite lotteries frequently and access exclusive discounts

Our exclusive VIP program will make you feel like a true lotto celebrity – you benefit not only from great savings on tickets, you also receive personal bonuses, important notifications on draw results and free dedicated customer support. We created the LottoPoint VIP program – a unique points-based system to reward our most regular users. It’s simple – the more you play, the higher discounts you get. And as every lotto player knows – the more you play, the higher the chance to win that life-changing jackpot becomes!

6 VIP levels – 6 ways to win more while saving more

We have designed 6 VIP levels, so both beginning and more experienced frequent lotto players benefit from the program and start saving on the costs to enter draws. The benefits and discounts increase with each new level reached – check them out below.

LottoPoint VIP plan details
  • 1. Lotto Tester – 1% discount after €40 spent – The first step is always the most important – create your LottoPoint account and start entering your favorite draws! Achieving the first level will unlock Casual Bonuses, on top of your new Lotto Tester discount.
  • 2. Lotto Expert – 2% discount after €200 spent – The second level in our fantastic program doubles the discount you get every time you enter a draw and brings another great benefit – you will get selected free lines!
  • 3. Lotto Maniac – 3% discount after €1000 spent – Your lotto enthusiasm brings you to our third VIP level with an even higher discount on ticket prices and additional promotions – this time you will get exclusive bonuses on draws with high jackpots!
All the exclusive VIP benefits
  • 4. Lotto Millions – 5% discount after €5000 spent – Things start to get serious here, as reaching this level will unlock a cool 5% discount on each of your purchases at LottoPoint. On top of all the great bonuses you already enjoy, you’ll also receive dedicate professional support to assist you!
  • 5. Lotto Billions – 7% discount after €10,000 spent – Your dedication in playing lotteries starts to really pay off with the 5 th level in LottoPoint’s VIP program, not to mention you’d have probably booked a nice win getting here. And to make things sweeter on top of all the great promotions you’ve unlocked, you now get access to a toll-free number!
  • 6. Lotto God – 10% discount after €20,000 spent – You’ve made it! You are the top of our VIP program and a true Lotto God! Now you can save a massive 10% on each of your purchases on the way to winning that huge jackpot, you haven’t already binked a huge prize, that is. You have full access to the all promotions at LottoPoint – discounts on purchases, personal bonuses, free lines, high-jackpot bonuses, dedicated support with a free toll number and Holy Grail of lotto draws – free monthly subscription! Winning the jackpot is only a matter of time!

Check out the Pyramid of Success

With each LottoPoint VIP level reached you get access to different lotto benefits.

1. Casual Bonuses

2. Dedicated Bonuses, Free Lines

3. Dedicated Bonuses, Free Lines, High Jackpot Bonuses

4. Dedicated Bonuses, Free Lines, High Jackpot Bonuses, Dedicated support

5. Dedicated Bonuses, Free Lines, High Jackpot Bonuses, Dedicated support, toll free number

6. Dedicated Bonuses, Free Lines, High Jackpot Bonuses, Dedicated support, toll free number, free monthly subscriptions

How it works

Every time you enter a lottery draw at LottoPoint, you accumulate VIP points, where for every €1  you spend on tickets, you will receive 10 points. There are no limitations in the VIP program in regard to lotteries, as you earn VIP points in all of them. Moreover, as a new player, you will be automatically included in the VIP program, so you can manage your own progress a LottoPoint VIP – the more you play, the more you start saving. Simply log in to your LottoPoint account and head over to your profile page – the number of points you’ve accumulated will be displayed there, along with your VIP level. Every time you enter a draw, the corresponding number of points will be added to your balance and you’ll receive a confirmation immediately after your purchase.