Boost Your Winning Chances and Enter a SuperEnalotto Lottery Syndicate Online

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“Where there is unity there is always victory”.

  • Get the best odds to win with Group Play shares

  • Play the Italian SuperEnalotto with a pool of player in an online syndicate and increase your chances to win the jackpot with 222 lines per draw.
  • Get the best price per line

  • Joining a lotto syndicate is a great way to save on ticket prices – in Group Play the cost of entering draws is shared among the players in your team.
  • Play to win the biggest jackpots

  • Lotto syndicates suit SuperEnalotto very well as the game features huge jackpots, but the odds for a win are much lower compared to others, which makes it perfect to attack the top-prize with Group Play!
  • Bring the risk down

  • SuperEnalotto is a tough lottery to win, so syndicates work great as they limit the risk, while on the other hand the jackpot is big enough to keep everyone sharing happy – the game’s record jackpot was won by a syndicate!


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SuperEnalotto is difficult to win so I joined a syndicate and WOW! You get some much better chances to win, it’s amazing to play with more than 200 combinations at LottoPoint.

play-SuperEnalotto-syndicate Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 25 reviews.