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  • Get The Best Chance for a Jackpot Win with Group Play

    Would you like to massively increase your winning chances by entering draws with 233 unique lines? Of course, you would.
    Just join the online Powerball syndicate and get best odds to hit the jackpot!

  • Save Huge on Individual Line Prices

    Playing in group not only greatly increases your odds for a jackpot win, but also brings the cost-per-line down significantly as the ticket price is split among all players in the online lotto tickets syndicate.

  • Play Smart – Enter a Syndicate

    There is a strategic reason to join a Powerball USA syndicate – this is one of the biggest lotteries in the world and as such, jackpots start at a guaranteed $15,000,000 and extremely often enter a 9-digit territory. This means, you’d still be left with an incredibly large amount winnings, even after your shares win the top prize mean you need to split it with the members of the playing group.

  • Get The Risk Down

    One of the best features of LottoPoint Dream Teams is that by participating in Powerball USA draws with over 200 lines you greatly increase the chance of winning a prize, even if you participate with only a couple of shares in your syndicate.

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Thanks for the free lines. Now I can play all the big lotteries with greater winning odds.

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Syndicates are definitely my cup of tea. Thanks for the opportunity, LottoPoint!

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