Maximize Your Winning Chances in a Powerball South Africa Lotto Syndicate

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“Winners make their own luck”

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  • Increase Your Odds to Win Powerball SA’s Jackpot and Join LottoPoint Group Play

    Enter Powerball SA lotto draws with 255 unique lines and get the best winning chances with a syndicate – you will multiply your odds and bring that massive jackpot a couple of steps closer to you!

  • Enjoy The Price You Want

    Our Group Play feature brings the cost-per-line significantly lower, as you split the price with all participants in your syndicate – it’s a great way to play for millions while keeping an eye on the budget!

  • Be Clever – Join a Player Pool

    Powerball SA is a huge lottery, but you need to be clever when playing for that massive jackpot, as odds aren’t on your side. A smart way to tackle this challenge is joining forces within a pool of players – this increases your chances to hit that life-changing prize!

  • Low Risk – High Chance

    Entering a lotto syndicate with fellow lotto players brings the risk of not winning a prize much lower, as the vast numbers of lines almost guarantee you a win in Group Play, and maximizes your chances to get that all-important jackpot, so join now!


I really like it!

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I really like Group Play for the South African Powerball, I think this is the way to make sure you win. I joined a syndicate here at LottoPoint and got so many different lines for one draw, it’s crazy, now I know I will win!

play-PowerBallSouthAfrica-syndicate Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 66 reviews.