Increase Your Winning Chances with a Powerball Australia Lottery Syndicate

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“With unity comes strength”.

  • Boost Your Winning Odds and Play with Lottery Group Shares

    Play strategically to win the Powerball Australia jackpot and join a syndicate – you will enter draws with 299 lines, massively increasing your winning chances – a great tactic on its own!

  • Get a Discount and Share The Cost

    One of LottoPoint’s Group Play main benefits is the reduced ticket price – by joining a syndicate you guarantee yourself a massive discount and the best deal per line, as the cost is split between members.

  • Group Play is a Smart Play

    Lottery syndicates are a fantastic way to play big lottos such as Powerball Australia, where prizes are huge, but winning is tough. Group Play massively increases the odds for a win, while the huge jackpots in play mean you won’t be left disappointed with your share.

  • Risk Winning, Not Losing

    Purchasing group shares to enter lotto draws dramatically reduces the risk of leaving without a prize, as the huge numbers of lines you participate with multiply your winning chances – even you have only a couple of shares, you’re still much better off than on your own!


The best way to play

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The syndicate with other lotto players is the best way to play for the Powerball Australia jackpot – you get so many individual lines and your chances are so much better!

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