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  • Increase Your Winning Chances with Group Play

    LottoPoint’s Dream Teams is one of the best ways to multiply your winning odds in one of the world’s biggest official lotteries. Participate in an online Mega Millions lotto pool and enter jackpot draws with 252 lines!

  • Lowest Price per Line

    Looking for more reasons to join an online lottery player pool? How about massive savings on the price per line! By sharing the price of a 250 lines Mega Millions ticket with your syndicate, your winning odds go up, while costs go down.

  • The Perfect Group Shares Play

    Winning the multi-million jackpot in Mega Millions on your own is a tough job, so it’s strategically best to join a syndicate – it wouldn’t matter much you’d have to share the prize since it would be a huge amount anyway!

  • Play Low-risk Style

    Joining a Mega Millions lottery syndicate and entering draws with so many lines significantly increases the risk of winning a prize – with such improved winning chances, bagging a huge win with your fellow lotto players is only a matter of time.


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