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Join a EuroJackpot Syndicate and Maximize Your Winning Chances

Euro Jackpot lottery numbers on ticket

“Union is Strength!”

Team Up with Fellow Lotto Players
and Boost Your Chances to Win x192.
Get 190+ EuroJackpot Tickets
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• Increase Your Winning Odds with Online Group Play

Join a lotto pool of players and boost your chances for a jackpot win, by entering the EuroJackpot draws with 192 lines per draw.



• Get The Best Price per Line

Participating in lotto syndicates gives you the lowest price per line, as you share the costs with fellow players in the lottery pool.

• Play Together for The Biggest Official Jackpots

Buying EuroJackpot group shares works best with the biggest official lotteries, where jackpots frequently amount to tens and hundreds of millions. Sharing the prize with your syndicate means you’ll still end up with a life-changing win!

• Lower The Risk

Even if you get only a few lotto group shares, you still multiply your winning chances, by participating in the jackpot draw with the same number of lines as everyone in your syndicate, thus lowering the risk.



Syndicates are great

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I recommend the lotto syndicates - nice way to save money and get better winning chances.

play-EuroJackpot-syndicate Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 82 reviews.