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Welcome to our Lottery Statistics feature – the place, where all lotto lovers can choose their numbers Strategically and go for the biggest prizes! This feature gives a detailed view of lottery numbers statistics – here you can find the least and most frequently drawn numbers from over a dozen of the world’s biggest official games over the last of months and even year. Are going to include only “cold” numbers in your combinations or stick to proven “hot” numbers? Or maybe create a mix of both? It’s easy and all up to you.

Here is How Our Statistics Feature Works

Choose a lottery, select the period you’d like to view the statistics for, click “Show” and you’re ready – our Lotto Statistics feature will come up with the number frequency – which numbers have been drawn most often and which least so. And if you love them, you have quick buttons to play the current game with them:

And This is Not All

Our Lottery Frequency Chart Tool provides even more detailed statistics – here you can see exactly how many times a number has been drawn, which will be extremely helpful to see how your favorite lucky numbers perform. Choose the lottery you wish to enter, select the period to view and the number frequency will show up!
Take a look at the results – maybe it’s time to change that old combination of yours.
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Nice one!

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As a big fan of numerology it was great to find such a huge database of the winning numbers for so many lotteries at LottoPoint. It helps me see quickly which numbers can come up soon and when I see some of them are my lucky numbers, I immediately put them in my combinations. Nice one!

I love to play with a strategy

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I love to play lottos with a strategy and this statistics feature is great if you want to attack the jackpot and be prepared a little better. I am using it to make balanced combinations of “cold” and “hot” numbers, which are also high and low and odd and even as well. It has to work out with a nice win soon, I hope!

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