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Play Thunderball Online and Win Big UK Jackpot

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Thunderball at a Glance:

Play Format: 5/39 + 1/14
Draw Days: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Starting Jackpot: £500,000 GBP

Prize Breakdown & Jackpot Record

Prize Level 1 – Jackpot 5+1 1 : 8,060,598
Prize Level 2 5 1 : 620,046
Prize Level 3 4+1 1 : 47,416
Prize Level 4 4 1 : 3,648
Prize Level 5 3+1 1 : 1,437
Prize Level 6 3 1 : 111
Prize Level 7 2+1 1 : 135
Prize Level 8 1+1 1 : 35
Prize Level 9 0+1 1 : 29

Overall Odds to win anything = 1:13


Biggest Jackpot in History

Before we review Thunderball Lottery in detail, let’s get an important thing about this exciting lotto addressed – if you’re looking for multi-million jackpots, you won’t find them here.

UK Thunderball has a set top prize of £500,000 GBP, which is both the guaranteed starting jackpot and the record. It has been won dozens of times in the game’s history. The features of the game, however, more than make up for this. Read on!

Play Options & Prizes at LottoPoint

Playing Thunderball at LottoPoint is so fun and easy – you can participate in draws with at least 3 lines with your own lucky numbers, by entering them manually or you could use Quick Pick to get a random combination. It all depends on how lucky you feel so follow your gut! Just make sure to create a balanced combination, which includes high and low, as well as odd and even numbers.Our Multi-Draw feature is also available, where you choose the number of draws to give your lucky combination a try, while Subscription brings the best of both worlds! With it, you’ll be getting a great discount on draw entries and guaranteeing yourself to never miss a draw.

In the fortunate event of a win, you shouldn’t worry about claiming and receiving your prize – we will immediately notify you by e-mail or phone. Smaller prizes (up to $10,000) will be credited straight to your playing account to withdraw or use to enter further draws. As for larger winnings, a member of our team will contact you by telephone to inform you of the great news and arrange a convenient transfer of the funds after a short verification process is completed to guarantee your account’s security.


Quick Lottery Overview

As you could easily guess from the name, this is a British lotto – and the British sure know how to make an exciting lottery. The drawing format is fairly similar to US Powerball’s but offers significantly better winning odds – to win the fixed jackpot, players need to match 5 out of 39 numbers, along with the “Thunderball”, ranging from 1 to 19, which is drawn from a separate pool.

The top prize starts and stays fixed at £500,000 GBP and what’s more, it’s not shared among jackpot winners – get all the 6 numbers right and you’re guaranteed to win half a million British pounds. It really is tiny compared to other lotteries, but UK Thunderball fights back with no less than 3 draws per week on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, so in essence, you could be winning over a million every week! You can check any time in the Thunderball results section.
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The Story of Thunderball

The game was started in 1999 by the UK National Lottery with its first draw on June 12 that year and is operated by the country’s Camelot Group, which also administers all other British lotteries. Thunderball went through a number of major changes and its current format – 5/39 + 1/14 with 3 weekly draws and a £500,000 GBP guaranteed jackpot, was introduced in 2010. Upon launch, there was only one draw on Saturday with the top prize at £250,000 GBP and only 34 main numbers to choose from.

Later in 2002, the Saturday draw was added, while in May 2010 the Friday draw was introduced, the jackpot was doubled to £500,000, the playing format changed from 1/34 + 1/19 to 1/39 + 1/19 and another prize level was added for matching only the “Thunderball”. Some evolution you might say, but all with the idea to make the game more fun and exciting, undoubtedly ending successfully.


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How to Play the Lottery

As we mentioned earlier, Thunderball is somewhat similar to Powerball US at least in terms of drawing structure. However, where the American lottery features a wide range of numbers to choose from, the British lotto employs a favorable 5/39 + 1/19 format, which provides massively better winning odds.

The jackpot is a constant £500,000 GBP, but we need to make an important clarification – it is never shared, no matter how many first prize winners there are. Just get the numbers right and a cool half a million of the Queen’s sterling pounds will be on the way to your bank account.

The same goes for lower prize divisions – the prizes are all fixed and guaranteed, so all you need to do is enter the draw and get lucky. With 3 draws per week, on Wed, Fri (19:30 GMT) and Sat (22:35 GMT), you’ve more than enough chances to give your lucky numbers a try.


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Prize Categories and Winning Odds

The multiple weekly drawings are complemented by another great characteristic of the game – its 9 prize categories. The game already offers some of the best odds in the world of lotteries, but you get a prize for matching even only the “Thunderball”. The higher prize categories include all possible combinations of correctly matched numbers.


How to Win UK Thunderball

While there really are no 7-digit jackpots in play per draw at Thunderball, this smaller lotto compensates nicely with its other features. Very few, if any lottos, offer 3 weekly draws with amazing winning odds on top of the guaranteed and fixed prizes. And even if you insist on jackpots in the millions, don’t overlook this lotto, as prizes are in GBP – one of the stronger global currencies,
so a jackpot win could well mean millions in another one.

You can also try and boost the already comparatively favorable winning odds by heading over to Strategies section to view the fundamentals of how to play the lotto smart. For a more in-depth analysis and help on how to construct your playing combinations, LottoPoint’s Statistics feature could prove extremely helpful, as it will display the most and the least frequently drawn numbers. Use this data and decide which numbers to go for – “hot” or “cold”, or maybe a nice mix of both? It’s all up to you, but with UK Thunderball the fun is always guaranteed!
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Cool Facts for the Game

• The lottery has some of the best winning odds across the lotto world.

• The prizes are all fixed and never shared – get the numbers right and you’ll win a guaranteed amount.

• “Hottest” Thunderball is 3; “Coldest” Thunderball is 9.

• Winning the UK Thunderball jackpot is more than 20 times likelier than winning the similarly structured US Powerball.

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What more from a lottery game

5 5 1
Many players will laugh when I say the UK Thunderball is the best, but think about it – three draws every week and the best chances for a win! What more do you want from a lottery game?! And I can play it from my computer with LottoPoint!

The best lotto to test your combination

4 5 1
UK Thunderball doesn’t have jackpots for hundreds of millions, but so what – it’s still a great game. And you can play it a couple times every week! It’s the best lotto to test your favorite combination.

play-UKThunderBall Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 82 reviews.