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Results Breakdown

Prize Level 1 – Jackpot 6  1:622,614,630
Prize Level 2 5+1  1:103,769,105
Prize Level 3 5 1:1,250,230
Prize Level 4 4 1:11,907
Prize Level 5 3 1:327

Overall Odds to win anything = 1:0.26


The game originates from Enalotto in the 1950’s, so it’s fair to say Italians have a thing for lotteries, with the current version – SuperEnalotto, established on 3 December 1997. Drawing is done thrice a week at 8.00pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

SuperEnalotto is notorious for having some of the most formidable odds for winning, but also for one of the largest jackpots in the world due to its unlimited rollovers. Moreover, there are no taxes on winnings, which makes it all the more attractive for passionate lotto lovers.

Jackpot Records

SuperEnalotto is Italy’s official lottery game and its record jackpot is the biggest of all national lotteries in Europe – a barely believable €177,800,000 won by a syndicate of 70 players in October 2010. The largest single winning in SuperEnalotto’s history is €147,800,000, scooped by a lucky ticket-holder from Tuscany in August 2009.

How to Play the Italian Lottery – 3 Draws per Week and €1,700,000 Starting Jackpot

Since you’re now familiar with its basic history, let’s get another thing out of the way now – SuperEnalotto is the most difficult lottery to win in Europe and, probably, in the world too. The reason is the game’s playing format, which includes no less than 90 numbers with only 6 winning ones. It easy to dismiss SuperEnalotto for its poor winning odds, but that’d be wrong, as it’s still a very exciting lottery with huge prizes and really – when have Italians been known for being practical?

To start with, the game has three weekly draws when most lottos are played only twice a week, and even though it’s hard to correct matching 6 out of 90 numbers, the structure is fairly simple and has 5 prize levels. The secret behind the massive jackpots, which SuperEnalotto creates often in a 9-digit territory, are the unlimited rollovers.

Jackpot winners celebrating on the boat

“Si Vince Tutto” – the Special Draw

To balance this out and not leave lower-prize categories with small amounts, SuperEnalotto has another trick in play – the “Si Vince Tutto” – (“Win it all”), where instead of a roll-over, there is a roll-down.

This special draw happens every last Wednesday of the month and means that if the jackpot is not won, then all of the money accumulated for that draw is transferred to the lower prize categories. The same goes for the 2nd prize category, so in essence, even if you guess only 3 of the winning numbers correctly, you are still looking at a healthy sum – keep an eye for those draws!

Winning Strategy – Syndicate Your Way to a SuperEnalotto Jackpot

In conclusion, even with significantly lower winning odds, you should not overlook SuperEnalotto – just attack the jackpot with a good strategy. SuperEna Group Play is extremely useful here – remember the record jackpot was won by a syndicate, as this method increases your chances massively, which is very helpful with the Italian national lottery. Check out more useful Lotto Strategies to make sure you know how to play the smart way.

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I love to play this lotto, maybe because It's difficult to win. How we say in Italia: "Alla buona derrata, pensaci su" - ("The best goods are cheapest in the end").

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