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Powerball AU at a Glance:

Play Format: 6/40 + 1/20
Draw Days: Thursday
Starting Jackpot: AUD$3 million

Prize Breakdown & Jackpot Record

Prize Level 1 – Jackpot 6+1 1 : 76,767,600
Prize Level 2 6 1 : 4,040,400
Prize Level 3 5+1 1 : 376,312
Prize Level 4 5 1 : 19,806
Prize Level 5 4+1 1 : 9,123
Prize Level 6 3+1 1 : 641
Prize Level 7 4 1 : 480
Prize Level 8 2+1 1 : 110

Overall Odds to win anything = 1:100


Biggest Jackpot in History

While not as big as its American cousin when it comes to jackpots, Australian Powerball still accumulates massive top prizes with its own record at AUD$80,000,000 won in July 2009.

The game regularly awards 8-digit prizes to lucky players with huge recent winnings including AUD$ 70 million won in January 2016, AUD$ 50 million won once in May 2015 and again in July the same year, as well as in August 2014 when two players shared equally AUD$ 70 millions.

Play Options & Prizes at LottoPoint

There are a number of ways to play smart and it all starts with choosing your numbers. At LottoPoint you enter official draws with a minimum of 10 lines – that way you get a good chance to book a win, while not spending too much at the same time if you are a beginning player.

You could give your own favorite numbers a try by manually filling out your entry or alternatively you could go with Quick Pick and play with a completely random set. The 6/40 + 1/20 format is exciting and offers decent winning odds, so make sure you create a balanced combination, featuring “hot” and “cold”, high and low, as well as odd and even numbers.

The Multi-Draws allow you to choose how many following draws you’d like to enter with your combination – a nice way to save money while giving your numbers a higher chance. One of the best ways to enjoy the game is to activate subscription – you’ll be getting a healthy discount on your entries, while also guaranteeing yourself to never miss a draw or claiming your prize.

Talking of winnings, receiving them at LottoPoint is seamless!

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In the fortunate event of a win, we will notify you immediately by e-mail or phone – if the prize is less than AUD$10,000, it will be immediately credited in your account for you to withdraw or enter more draws with, while if it’s bigger, a member of our team will contact you personally over the phone to let you know of the good news and for a convenient transfer to be arranged after a simple verification process is completed for security reasons.


Quick Lottery Overview

It was only natural for the Powerball fever to spread around the world and Australia was the first country outside the USA to welcome this fantastic lotto. The drawing format is very similar to the original American version, but with fewer numbers to choose, meaning winning odds are better. To hit the jackpot players need to correctly match 6 out of 40 numbers and the bonus Powerball ranging from 1 to 20. Powerball Australia draws start with a guaranteed top prize of AUD$3,000,000, which rolls over to reach sky-high figures – once the top prize gets to AUD$10,000,000 it tends to increase by that amount every following draw!

There is only one weekly draw on Thursday, which gives you the opportunity to carefully select your lucky combination and form a strategy.
The Australian Powerball results section will let you see how your favorite numbers have performed – make sure you visit it regularly as all winning numbers will be published there right after the official draws take place.

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The Story of Australian Powerball


The Australian version of the hugely successful USA lottery was introduced in the land of kangaroos in 1996, quickly establishing itself as one of the main lottos there. It’s operated by the Tatts Group, a company with vast experience in the wagering industry, which guarantees the game’s integrity.

The game went through a major change in March 2013, when its format was adapted for bigger prizes and more winning entries – instead of 5/45 + 1/45, players had to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 40 and a single Powerball from 1 to 20, which are the lotto’s current rules.

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How to Play the Lottery?

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The most attractive feature of the game is the combination of an exciting playing format with decent winning odds and the guaranteed starting jackpot of AUD$3,000,000, which increases by AUD$10,000,000 with every roll-over after it reaches this amount.

Players try to correctly guess 6/40 numbers and the Powerball, ranging from 1 to 20 and if they’re successful, they win a life-changing jackpot prize. The official draw is on Thursday at 8:30 pm AEST (10:30 am GMT). All of this makes this game one of the most enjoyable lottos in the world and a must-play game for the dedicated lotto enthusiast.

Prize Categories and Winning Odds


The game boasts no less than 8 prize categories, which means booking a win isn’t too far-fetched – get right as little as 2 of the main numbers, along with the Powerball and walk away with a nice winning.

What makes the game even more appealing is that the prize division is jackpot-heavy, so in the event of a jackpot win be prepared to take home a multi-million award.


How to Win the Jackpot?

Overall Powerball Australia manages to bring together all that’s great about lotteries – guaranteed jackpots, massive roll-overs, simple, yet exciting format and a generous pay-out structure with competitive winning odds. With that said, it’s time to talk about a couple of opportunities you’ve to try and win the top prize.

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Joining an Australian Powerball syndicate is always a great tactic – you’ll be entering the draws with almost 300 different lines (299 to be exact) while sharing the whole cost with your fellow lotto players. This method increases your chances to win the jackpot the most and even though you’ll be sharing it with your teammates, with a lotto this big everyone will be happy!

If you’d prefer to go solo, a good starting point is to check out the fundamental strategies on how to play, including how to choose your numbers wisely.

Next up is the lottery statistics feature – a valuable tool, which displays the most and the least frequently drawn numbers in lottery – make sure you play around with it, as it will be very helpful in creating your lucky combinations. Good luck!


Cool Facts for the Game


• Powerball Australia holds the second biggest jackpot record after the country’s Oz Lotto.

• “Hottest” main number is 26; “Coldest” main number is 28.

• After 4 roll-overs the jackpot increases with AUD$10,000,000 every following draw.

The jackpot is always paid out as a lump sum.

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Powerball Oz is the best balance

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I always try to play for the biggest jackpots, but want to have a good chance to win too, so for me Powerball Oz is the best balance! There are guaranteed multi-million jackpots and a lot of prize categories, plus the odds are good. It’s my lotto!

Play it from my smartphone! Fantastic!

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Powerball Australia is a true member of the Powerball family, but I enjoy it the most, because it offers better chances for a huge win than the US version. And with LottoPoint I play it from my smartphone! Fantastic!

I have a good feeling about

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I was trying to win the American Powerball for a long time, but the odds made it difficult, so I started playing the Aussie variant – I have a good feeling about!

play-PowerBallAustralia Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 82 reviews.