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Powerball Australia results breakdown

Prize Level 1 – Jackpot 6+1 1 : 76 767 600
Prize Level 2 6 1 : 4 040 400
Prize Level 3 5+1 1 : 376 312
Prize Level 4 5 1 : 19 806
Prize Level 5 4+1 1 : 9 123
Prize Level 6 3+1 1 : 641
Prize Level 7 4 1 : 480
Prize Level 8 2+1 1 : 110
Overall Odds to win anything   1 : 100.00

PowerBall Australia Jackpot Records

The jackpot record for PowerBall Australia is A$76 000 000.

Lottery Overview

PowerBall Australia was launched in 1996 and is currently one of the richest national lotteries across the continent and beyond. As the name suggests, it is very similar in structure to its American counterpart, but the odds for winning the jackpot here are much more favorable. Way to go, Australia!
PowerBallAustralia is drawn every Thursday and you get a guaranteed starting jackpot of A$4 000 000.

Higher winning chances and an easy format – that’s PowerBall Australia

The Australian PowerBall although similar in name to the US counterpart is very much different in the way it is played. For the PowerBall Australia, the winning jackpot number is drawn from 6 matching numbers from a pool of 40 in addition to the PowerBall number drawn from another pool of 20 numbers. The largest recorded jackpot prize for the Australia PowerBall was in 2009 for the amount of A$80 million.