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Mega Sena at a Glance:

Play Format: 6/60
Draw Days: Wednesday, Saturday
Starting Jackpot: R$2,000,000

Mega Sena Prize Breakdown

Prize Level 1 – Jackpot 6 1 : 50,063,860
Prize Level 2 5 1 : 154,518
Prize Level 3 4 1 : 2,332

Overall Odds to win anything = 1:43

Mega Sena Jackpot Record

Brazil’s flamboyant culture is more than evident in the country’s exciting national lottery Mega Sena, which boasts some of the biggest jackpots ever. The current record is R$64.9 million and dates all the way back to 1999 when a player from Salvador won the massive prize.

That doesn’t mean Mega Sena hasn’t been producing life-changing top prizes constantly – R$53.1 million were won in 2008, R$52.7 million in 2007 and R$56 million in 2005. There is a special draw at the end of the year – Mega da Virada, which awarded a R$263.3 jackpot in 2014. It’s actually the biggest prize Mega-Sena awarded, but it happens only once per year, so we aren’t including it in the regular jackpot records. It’s still a testament to how fun this lotto is, though!

Quick Lottery Overview

Mega Sena is the official national lottery in the country of samba, among many other extraordinary things – Brazil. As such it features all the nice things about a big lotto and then some – great drawing format, guaranteed jackpots, and multiple weekly draws.

The starting top prize is R$2,000,000 and frequently enters the 8-digit territory. To win it, players need to match 6 out of 60 numbers – no bonus balls are drawn, which provides decent chances for a jackpot win.

There are two weekly draws on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so you have enough time to choose your lucky numbers and enough chances to give them a try! Head over to Mega-Sena Results page and see how your favorite numbers have been performing.

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Play Mega Sena Online – Options & Prizes at LottoPoint

In a big, but fairly straight-forward lotto like Mega Sena it’s all about choosing your numbers wisely. It will never be easy matching 6 out of 60 numbers, but you could certainly do things to try and optimize your odds, especially by creating balanced combinations. What does that mean?

Put simply, you need to include a wide range of numbers – odd and even, low and high, as well as “hot” and “cold” ones should all be featured. Don’t limit yourself by playing only birthday and anniversary dates, as the biggest winning Mega-Sena number could be 60 – you should include numbers over 31 too.

You are always welcome to enter them manually, or you use Quick Pick and play with a random set – it’s all down to how lucky you feel. LottoPoint gives you the opportunity to join the official Mega Sena draws with a minimum of 5 lines – you will not be going over your budget while giving your numbers a better chance for a win. If you’d like to get an even sweeter deal per line,
our Multi-Draw option is just the thing – simply select how many draws you’d like to enter and enjoy the game!

The final option is to go with Mega Sena Subscription – you’ll be guaranteed to never miss a draw or lose your ticket while making a nice saving on your entries. If you win a prize, LottoPoint will happily assist you in claiming and receiving it
– you will be immediately notified by e-mail or phone.

Smaller prizes (up to $10,000) will be transferred directly to your playing account for you to withdraw or use to enter more draws with. In the great event of a bigger prize, LottoPoint will reach you by telephone to arrange a convenient transfer of the prize after a verification process is completed.

About Mega Sena Lottery

Mega Sena has been operated by one of the biggest banks in Latin America since 1962 – the government-owned Caixa Economica Federal Bank. The bank is also administering all other lottery games in Brazil, so you can be sure of the game’s integrity.

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How to Play Mega Sena

As there are no bonus balls drawn, players need to match only the 6 main numbers from a pool 60. This is still not an easy task itself, but Mega Sena still offers better winning odds compared to other huge lottos. There is a guaranteed starting top prize of R$2,000,000, which rolls over until it is, meaning lotto enthusiasts can still enjoy multi-million draws. Speaking of which, there are two of them every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 20:00 local Brasilia time (UTC -3.00).

Mega Sena – Prize Categories and Winning Odds

One of Mega Sena’s distinctive features is the prize payout structure, which features 3 levels exactly – one for the jackpot, when all 6 numbers are correctly matched, followed by the other 2 levels, where 5-out-of-60 and 4-out-of-60 numbers are guessed, respectively. While it’s true many other lottos offer prizes for matching only 1 or 2 of the main numbers, those awards are typically small, which means all Mega-Sena prizes should be satisfying to lotto players. As for the winning odds, they are somewhere between those of lottos offering the biggest jackpots and those offering the best chances – it’s a nicely balanced game overall.

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How to Win Mega Sena Lottery

Mega Sena is surely one of the biggest lotteries in the world, offering great prizes, so to make the most of your playing experience it’s necessary to approach it with some kind of a plan how to get that life-changing jackpot. You can find the basics of how to play this or any other lotto smart at LottoPoint Strategies.

Another incredibly useful source of data, which will help you immensely in picking your playing numbers, is our Statistics Section. There you’ll find the most and least frequently drawn numbers, also known as “hot” and “cold” numbers – use this information and create your combinations at LottoPoint!

Cool Facts for Mega Sena

• Operated by one of Brazil’s biggest, government-owned banks.

• Each winning number is generated by drawing two separate digits.

• Special Mega da Virada New Year draw offers 9-digit prizes.

• Only 3 prizes levels.

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Mega-Sena is one of my favorite

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I wish more lotteries had such a simple drawing format with huge prizes, so for now Mega-Sena is one of my favorite.

What a great game that is

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Looking for a new lottery to try out I stumbled upon Mega-Sena and wow, what a great game that is! The jackpots are always super big, there two weekly draws and the format is fun and easy – who can say no to Mega-Sena!

play-MegaSena Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 66 reviews.