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Mega Millions at a Glance:

Play Format: 1/75 + 1/15
Draw Days: Tuesday, Friday
Starting Jackpot: $15 million

Results Breakdown

Prize Level 1 – Jackpot 5+1 1 : 258,890,850
Prize Level 2 5 1 : 18,492,204
Prize Level 3 4+1 1 : 739,688
Prize Level 4 4 1 : 52,835
Prize Level 5 3+1 1 : 10,720
Prize Level 6 3 1 : 766
Prize Level 7 2+1 1 : 473
Prize Level 8 1+1 1 : 56
Prize Level 9 0+1 1 : 21

Overall Odds to win anything =  1:14.71

Jackpot Record

$656,000,000 is the largest jackpot ever won in Mega Millions. The record-breaking amount was won on 30 March 2012 by three winning tickets from Kansas, Illinois, and Maryland. The winning numbers were: 2, 4, 23, 38, 46, and a Mega Ball of 23.

Quick Game Overview

Mega Millions is the game that holds the record for the second largest game jackpot ever awarded. The starting top prize is worth $15,000,000. To win the jackpot players have to match 5 numbers drawn from a pool of 1 through 75, and one Mega Ball number from 1 through 15. Draws are held twice a week – on Tuesdays and Fridays. You can check anytime you want the Latest Mega Millions Results and form your strategy, evaluate the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers.

Play Options & Prizes at LottoPoint

Playing Mega Millions at LottoPoint is extremely fun and easy, but there are a couple of things to consider before diving in and the first is how to pick your numbers. You are always welcome to enter draws with your very own lucky combination, but you can also leave everything in the hands of Lady Luck and get your numbers with the Quick Pick option for a completely random set – it all depends on how lucky you feel! Our How to Play detail instructions are always at your disposal.

To suit everyone’s preferences LottoPoint offers a couple of different ways to join the lottery. You can always enter a single draw with one or multiple lines, although you’d be missing on some of the great deals we offer. Here comes our Multi-Draw feature, which let us choose how many following draws you’d like to participate in – check it out as there are some great discounts in play.

For the most avid of lotto player, our Lotto Subscription service will surely come in handy – choose your lucky combinations and simply activate this feature to subscribe for your favorite lottos. You are guaranteed to never miss a draw or lose a ticket, while also saving on the cost of entries and accumulating LottoPoint VIP points for even bigger promotions.

What about winning and getting your prize? It’s just as easy! In the fortunate event of a win, LottoPoint will contact you through e-mail or phone to let you know about the great news. You will then be able to withdraw your winnings safely and securely through one of the payment methods offered, as soon as you verify your identity. Smaller winnings will be credited to your LottoPoint account immediately for you to withdraw, while for bigger prizes, you’ll be contacted personally by phone for the transaction to be arranged at your convenience. Find more answers at our FAQ page.

It’s Called The Mega Millions Lottery for a Reason

Mega Millions is a true giant when it comes to lotteries. An American multi-state lotto, it started as “The Big Game” in 1996 and quickly gathered a huge following to become an incredibly popular lottery. This resulted in an additional weekly draw added two years later, more states joining and prizes increasing before it was officially renamed to Mega Millions in 2002.

The game is operated by the US Multi-State Lottery Association. Its current playing format was introduced in 2013 with a tough job ahead of it – to create bigger jackpots, massive $5,000,000 second-tier prizes and better winning odds, but it has certainly managed to pull it off, as Mega Millions continuously pays more than 11 jackpots per week on average, most of them well into 9 digits. The minimum jackpot of $15 million is paid out in 30 yearly installments.

In 2017 Mega Millions has paid out 2 jackpots so far, bringing the total number to 171, since it was introduced.

The largest jackpot ever won was in 2012 for an amount of $656 million (annuity value). Winning millions with Mega Millions can really happen. Ready to try?

Of course, you are! Did you know that in the first ever drawing of the game back in May 2002, the jackpot was won – a massive $28,000,000 prize, claimed by a single winner. And a just a week later, another jackpot was won, bringing the total to two jackpots hit in the first three draws!


In all of Mega Millions’ history, the game has paid out 10 jackpots of over $300 million and has created hundreds of first-time millionaires with its generous payout structure. While no longer holding the record for the biggest jackpot awarded, that accolade now with its fellow Powerball USA, Mega Millions is not far off when it comes to huge prizes, while also offering better winning odds.

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Top 10 Mega Million’s Jackpots:

Amount Date Winners
$656 Million March/30/2012 3
$648 Million December/17/2013 2
$536 Million July/8/2016 1
$414 Million March/18/2014 2
$390 Million March/6/2007 2
$380 Million January/4/2011 2
$336 Million August/28/2009 2
$330 Million August/31/2007 4
$326 Million November/4/2014 1
$319 Million March/25/2011 1

How to Play Mega Millions

In order to generate the multi-million jackpots all lotto players dream of winning, Mega Millions uses a drawing format with a bonus ball. Players need to correctly match the 5 main numbers, along with the bonus number to get the top prize, which as mentioned, starts at a guaranteed $15,000,000. So even if you miss on a huge prize or a big draw, it will only take a couple of weeks before stratospheric amounts of money come into play again, as there is no limit on the rollovers.

All in all, Mega Millions’ prize distribution is very jackpot heavy, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the size – you’ll always have the same chances, but participating, in particular, draws purely for how big the top-prize is may prove very worthwhile. Drawing is done twice a week on Tuesday and Friday (11 pm ET).

The jackpot is everybody’s main goal, but Mega Millions has a whole other 8 lower-prize categories and you can even win a prize by only matching the bonus number. While the winning odds for the first-prize level are poor compared to other smaller lotteries, Mega Millions actually offers plenty of chances for a healthy win.

How to Win Mega Millions

Speaking of winning, let’s take a look at how best to tackle this challenge Mega Millions presents. Getting 5 out if 75 numbers and the bonus ball from 1 to 15 right to get the jackpot is difficult, but not impossible and there are a number of ways to increase your winning chances.

A huge lottery like this one is very suitable to Play in a Syndicate as this massively increases your chances since you play with a lot different number combinations – something you’ll surely appreciate. Sharing the cost of entering draws is another great advantage, which comes with Group Play. But what really balances this approach out is that sharing the jackpot is not bad at all, because it’s very likely to amount to hundreds of millions.

Head over to our Strategies page for a lot of useful information on how to attack the top prize and choose your numbers smartly. Similarly оur Statistics page will be extremely helpful in creating your playing combinations – there you’ll be able to check the most and least frequently drawn numbers, so you end up with a balanced set of numbers. Good Luck!

Mega Millions lotto numbers

Cool Facts for Mega Millions

• In the very first Mega Millions draw the $28,000,000 jackpot was won, followed by another jackpot win just the next week – 3 draws and 2 jackpots!

• Mega Millions has paid out 10 jackpots of over $300 million.

• Virginia is the luckiest Mega Millions state with 7 jackpot winners, but New York has had 6 since 2013.

• 35 is the luckiest main Mega Millions number drawn 29 times, while 15 is the most frequently drawn Mega Ball bonus number – 23 times.

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