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Play Irish Lottery Online and Win Millions with the Help of Lady Luck

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Irish Lotto at a Glance:

Play Format: 6/47
Draw Days: Wednesday, Saturday
Starting Jackpot: €2 million

Prize Breakdown & Jackpot Record

Prize Level 1 – Jackpot 6
1 : 10,737,573
Prize Level 2 5+1 1 : 1,789,596
Prize Level 3 5 1 : 44,740
Prize Level 4 4+1 1 : 17,896
Prize Level 5 4 1 : 918
Prize Level 6 3+1 1 : 688
Prize Level 7 3 1 : 54

Overall Odds to win anything = 1:16


Biggest Jackpot in Irish Lotto

Ireland, the Land of Luck if you wish, has its own great national lottery with a jackpot record standing at €18,900,000 won by a syndicate of 16 work colleagues in June 2008 – how great is that!?

Play Options & Prizes at LottoPoint

LottoPoint is here to give you easy access to the Irish Lotto – one of the European biggest lotteries and playing it couldn’t be any simpler. Just choose your favorite numbers manually or use Quick pick to automatically get a random combination. Then decide how to play – with a Single-draw entry with one or more lines, a Multi-draw entry, which allows you to select how many draws you wish to participate in, or go for Subscription. It will guarantee you never miss a draw or claiming your prize.

You’ll also start collecting VIP points and unlocking great promotions and discounts. Receiving your prizes is just as straightforward, as you’ll be contacted by e-mail or phone about the good news right after the draws. Small winnings will be credited to your account to withdraw or enter more draws with, while for bigger prizes, a member of our team will reach you through telephone for a convenient payout to be arranged after your identity is verified.


Quick Lottery Overview


The Irish Lotto is the flagship game of the Ireland lottery. It’s based on a 6/47 matrix. The starting jackpot is €2 million and is rolled over to the next drawing until it’s won. Draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday and can be watched live on the Irish TV.

To land a huge top-prize a player needs to match the 6 winning numbers from 1 to 47 – you could probably guess this simple playing format provides attractive winning odds and you’d be correct, as this game really is a complete package when it comes to lottos!

Dublin downtown

The Story of Irish National Lottery

The first draw was held in March 1988, a year later after the country’s national lottery institution was formed. Like many other national lotteries, this one supports a number of good causes with part of the money generated from ticket sales, including sport and recreation, health and welfare, arts and national heritage, as well as the natural environmental. The game has paid out over 7 billion euros to winners and over 5 billion euros to good causes.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t always been smooth for Irish Lotto – because of the last global economic crisis, which hit the country hard, the Irish government was somewhat forced to sell the license for its national lottery game to a private operator for 20 years.

So in February 2014, Premier Lotteries Ireland took ownership of the license and fortunately for players, the company has been maintaining operations to a high standard. You’re welcome to check anytime the latest Irish lotto results here at LottoPoint, right after the drawing.


Lucky Irish young girls

How to Play Irish Lotto?

Which brings us to the playing format – as you’d expect of a country so closely associated with Lady Luck, it really is great. The game features a nice round, guaranteed starting jackpot of €2,000,000 euros with unlimited rollovers, two weekly draws on Wednesdays and Saturdays and 7 prize categories to ensure winning a prize is not only possible but likely as well. Be sure that you read our useful lotto strategies page to make sure you know how to play the smart way. All you need to do is follow your luck!
Irish gaming flag

Cool Facts for the Lottery

• A syndicate in Dublin once spent around €1,000,000 euros to get 80% of available combinations – they split the jackpot 3-way and profited close to €500,000.

• Three of the five biggest jackpots were won 3 consecutive draws over a single week.

• The record jackpot was won by a syndicate of colleagues, who used the Quick Pick option.

• At first, Irish Lotto started as a 1-out-of-36 game in 1988 and stayed similar for almost 20 years.

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It’s all about the luck factor

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“Irish Lotto is an absolute must-play lottery for all players – it comes from the land of luck after all! I play it anytime I can for its great structure and prize levels. I just know it will bring me a huge win one day – let’s hope it’s soon.”

Irish Lotto is for the lovers

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“I play lotteries very often and enter many different draws, but there is something, which keeps me coming back to Irish Lotto. The 2 million starting jackpot is great and the easy format also, but there just is something about it – maybe it’s my lotto love!”

play-IrishLotto Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 82 reviews.