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Play German Lottery 6aus49 Online and Get Your Numbers to Win the Jackpot

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German Lotto at a Glance:

Play Format: 6/49 + 0/9
Draw Days: Wednesday, Saturday
Starting Jackpot: €1 million

German Lottery Prize Breakdown

Prize Level 1 – Jackpot 6+1 1 in 139,838,160
Prize Level 2 6 1 in 15,537,573
Prize Level 3 5+1 1 in 542,008
Prize Level 4 5 1 in 60,223
Prize Level 5 4+1 1 in 10,234
Prize Level 6 4 1 in 1,147
Prize Level 7 3+1 1 in 567
Prize Level 8 3 1 in 63
Prize Level 9 2+1 1 in 76

Overall Odds to win anything = 1:31

German Lotto Jackpot Record

German Lotto is not one of the biggest lotteries in the world, but its record jackpots are very impressive still – €45,5 million were won after 13 rollovers in Dec. 2007 for someone’s Christmas delight, while only a couple of months earlier a lucky lotto fan bagged €37,7 million. Massive prize status verified then!

Quick Lottery Overview

The official national lotto of Germany is a hugely attractive and popular game for a number of reasons. Two weekly draws on Wednesday (17:00 GMT) and Saturday (18:00 GMT) with good odds for a win and a basic playing format with a guaranteed starting jackpot of 1,000,000 (free of rollovers) cement it as a must-play lottery for enthusiasts, looking for nice prizes and appealing winning chances. To win the jackpot players need to correctly match 6 out of 49 numbers and the special Super Number, the Superzahl, ranging from 0 to 9.

Play German Lottery Online – Options & Prizes at LottoPoint

German Lotto employs a fairly basic matrix of 6/49 + 0/9, so choosing your numbers shouldn’t be too hard – you can always view the “hot” and “cold” ones with our Statistics Feature for a helping hand whenever you’re not too sure. The minimum entry for this lotto at LottoPoint is 3 lines for a good balance of winning chances and entry costs, but you can always go for the Multi-Draw and choose how many draws you’d like to participate in at a discount too.

For the fully dedicated player, German Lotto Subscription guarantees you never miss a draw or claiming your win. If Lady Luck gives you a smile and a prize, receiving your winning is totally hassle-free too – smaller awards will be credited directly in your LottoPoint profile, ready for withdrawal or further draw entries, while for prizes over €10,000 a member of our team will contact you personally over the phone to arrange the transfer, after a simple verification process is completed.

About German National Lottery

Lottery games in Germany date all the way back to 1955, but it wasn’t until 1974 when the German “Deutscher Lotto und Totoblock” (DLTB) established the country’s national lottery after 16 separate lotto corporations joined in a partnership.

The bonus number in the game, the Superzahl, wasn’t introduced until 2013 when German Lotto added further prize divisions to its payout structure.

German Lotto has proved to have a winning formula too with over 3,5 billion euros paid out in prizes annually – head over to LottoPoint’s Results and see how your favorite numbers perform recently!

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How to Play German Lotto 6aus49

This game is fairly similar to a number of other national lottos, including the Canadian and the French national lotteries. The 6-out-of-49 format is a proven classic, while the additional number from 0 to 9 provides a modern twist – get all of them right and the top prize is yours.

Speaking of which, it starts a nice and round €1,000,000 euros – not as big when compared to other lottos, especially in the USA, but with the game’s popularity and frequent rollovers, it doesn’t take long before jackpots start amounting to tens of millions of euros. The average jackpot is a healthy €5,7 million and players have two chances per week to try and win it – the Wednesday draw at 17:00 GMT and the Saturday draw at 18:00 GMT.

German Lottery – Prize Categories and Winning Odds

One of the main advantages of German Lotto is the generous prize structure, which includes no less than 9 different categories to ensure everyone matching as little as two main numbers and the Super Number gets a nice prize. The simple structure also provides decent winning odds.
lottery balls

How to Win the National Lotto of Germany

All of these characteristics of German Lotto – the straight-forward bi-weekly draws, multiple prize levels and guaranteed jackpots, offer a number of ways and Strategies to go for that life-changing prize.

As always, use common sense in choosing your numbers – LottoPoint Statistics will quickly confirm which are the most and the least frequently drawn numbers. Don’t forget to try and create a balanced playing combination, which includes both high and low numbers, so you don’t limit yourself to, for example, only family birthday dates in the numbers you choose to play with – there are 49 numbers to pick from and the same goes for odds and evens too.

All in all, German Lotto is highly enjoyable, so create your strategy carefully and with enough time the game could thank you with a nice, big win. Good luck!


Cool Facts for German Lotto

• The first lottery in Germany dates back to 1614 in Hamburg.

• Average jackpot is €5,7 million euros.

• German Lotto was created when 16 different lotto companies joined forces.

• The Super Number, Superzahl, wasn’t introduced until 2013 to bring more prize levels.

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The jackpot grows very quickly

5 5 1
My favorite lottos are the simple ones – I love a classic 6/49 and German Lotto is one of the best. The jackpot also grows very quickly.

Super-easy to play

4 5 1
German Lotto is super-easy to play – the 6 from 49 format gives you the best odds and the Superzahl is interesting to try and get right. Good game, I recommend!

play-GermanLotto Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 66 reviews.