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Florida Lotto at a Glance:

Play Format: 6/53
Draw Days: Wednesday, Saturday
Starting Jackpot: $2 million

Florida Lottery Prize Breakdown

Prize Level 1 – Jackpot 6
1 : 22,957,480
Prize Level 2 5
1 : 81,409
Prize Level 3 4
1 : 1,415
Prize Level 4 3
1 : 70

Overall Odds to win anything = 1:67

Florida Lotto Jackpot Record

The Florida Lotto jackpot record dates all the way back to 1990 and stands at a whopping $106,000,000 – looks like a new one might be on the way.

Quick Lottery Overview

Somewhat unfairly overshadowed by Powerball and MegaMillions, Florida Lotto is one of the most popular, rich and exciting state-operated lotteries in the USA, with its first draw in 1988.

lottery balls

And unsurprisingly so, what with a generously guaranteed starting jackpot, which rolls over until it’s won, two weekly draws (every Wednesday and Saturday), and great odds for a huge win.

The game also features a no-nonsense playing matrix – an easy 6-out-of-53 for some great winning odds. With $2,000,000 guaranteed starting jackpot and frequent rollovers that can boost it to multi-million digits, the game offers you tons of fun and many chances to win.

Play Florida Lottery Online – Options & Prizes at LottoPoint

LottoPoint lets you play the exciting Florida Lotto with as little as 2 lines per draw, while with the game’s simple drawing format this couldn’t be easier. Play need to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 53 – there are no bonus balls in play here. If you are decided on your lucky combinations, go ahead and enter them yourself.

On the other hand, if you’d like to play with a completely random combination for some added excitement, our Quick Pick option will provide you with your lucky numbers. LottoPoint’s Multi-Draw feature allows you to choose how many draws you wish to enter with your combinations – a great way to test your numbers!

Our Florida Lotto Subscription brings the best of both worlds – with it, you’ll never miss a draw, so you can massively increase your winning odds, and at the same time, you get a nice discount on your entries.

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With LottoPoint it’s also impossible to miss claiming your prize, as we will notify you for any winnings right after the draw, by e-mail or telephone. Winnings of up to $10,000 will be credited straight in your playing account and you’ll receive a congratulating e-mail. In the fortunate case a bigger winning, a member of our team will contact you to let you know of the great results and for a convenient transfer to be arranged after your identity as the winner is verified.

About Florida Lottery

Florida Lottery was started in 1986 after a law in the state was changed to allow for the game’s formation, but it wasn’t until May 1988 when the first draw took place. Only a couple of months later, the game produced a $52,000,000 jackpot, which was a record among state lotteries in the USA at the time.

Initially, the playing format of the game was 6/49 but changed to 6/53 in 1999. Over the years, Florida Lottery has established itself as one the leading US lottos and has become one of the most exciting lotteries globally, even if it doesn’t feature prizes as big as in Powerball or Mega Millions draws.

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How to Play Florida Lotto

Florida Lotto’s rules are incredibly simple – choose 6 numbers, ranging from 1 to 53, get them right and you win the jackpot! OK – so winning the jackpot outright is probably not that easy, but enjoying the game certainly is!

The jackpot starts at $2,000,000 and rolls over until it’s won, meaning there are only a couple of draws needed for prizes to become really huge. Actually, Florida Lotto jackpots are often bigger than the top prizes offered in some European national lottos.

There are also two weekly draws on Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 23:15 local Florida time. Check the Florida Lotto Results and keep your strategy up to date.

Florida Lottery – Prize Categories and Winning Odds

Florida Lotto is one the best lottery games out there, not only for its huge prizes and simple playing format, but for its great prize division and, more importantly – very competitive winnings odds when compared to other lottos.

There are 4 prize levels, starting with the lowest one, where players need to match 3 of the drawn numbers to win a prize. This prize division has fewer categories than other lottos, but that means when you win, you’ll get a bigger prize. On the other hand, the simple 6-out-of-53 format gives some of the best winning chances in the world of official lotteries.

How to Win Florida Lotto

With all of that said, no wonder Florida Lotto is a favorite for lottery enthusiasts – it’s just a very attractive game for all the reasons listed. So now that you’re familiar with it, let’s look at a couple of ways how to make the most of your playing experience and try to increase your chances for a huge lotto win.

The first place you might want to visit is our Strategies section, where you’ll see all the basic tips and tricks how to play the lotto best. These hints are for novice lotto players, but it’s always good to have the fundamentals right!

For more experienced and determined players, LottoPoint has specifically developed the Statistics feature – it will quickly let you see which numbers have been drawn the most and the least frequently. This data will be very helpful, when you are generating your lucky playing combinations – check out if any of your favorite numbers are “hot” or “cold” ones, or add some new ones for your next draw entry!

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Cool Facts for Florida Lotto

• In its 29-year old history, Florida Lotto has given out over $52 billion in cash prizes, creating more than 1,900 millionaires.

• Florida Lotto broke the jackpot record in USA just months after it was started.

• Florida Lotto holds the record for the biggest jackpot… left unclaimed
– a $53,7 million top prize expired in September 2003 after 180 days passed.

• The game started with a 6/49 format and changed to 6/53 in 1999.

I really love playing this lotto

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I always try to play lotteries smart and carefully choose which draws to enter, so I get good chances and good prizes. Florida Lotto is by far the best one for me and with some of the features at LottoPoint, I really loving playing this lotto!

I prefer it for the better winning odds

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Florida Lotto doesn’t have jackpots like Powerball, but I still prefer it for the better winning odds – for me the most important is the win and Florida Lotto has some of the best chances!

play-FloridaLotto Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 66 reviews.