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EuroJackpot at a Glance:

Play Format: 5/50 + 2/10
Draw Days: Friday
Starting Jackpot: €10 million

Prize Breakdown & Jackpot Record

Prize Level 1 – Jackpot 5+2
1 : 95,344,200
Prize Level 2 5+1  1 : 5,959,013
Prize Level 3 5  1 : 3,405,150
Prize Level 4 4+2  1 : 423,752
Prize Level 5 4+1
 1 : 26,485
Prize Level 6 4  1 : 15,134
Prize Level 7 3+2  1 : 9,631
Prize Level 8 2+2
1 : 672
Prize Level 9 3+1  1 : 602
Prize Level 10 3  1 : 344
Prize Level 11 1+2
1 : 128
Prize Level 12 2+1  1 : 42

Overall Odds to win are approximately = 1:26


The Biggest Jackpot

EuroJackpot is one of those lottos with a cap on the jackpot, meaning that the maximum top prize is €90,000,000 euros. This is by no means a bad thing – it’s still an unbelievable amount of money and moreover – it’s been won regularly in the game’s brief history since 2012.

The first time this happened was in May 2015 when a player from the Czech Republic bagged the jackpot and again in October 2016, when a lotto lover from Germany ended up €90 million euros richer.

This was followed by another jackpot won in January 2017, but this time there were 5 winners, who shared 18 million euros each – three players from Germany, one from Denmark and one from the Netherlands.

Play Options & Prizes at LottoPoint

Joining the fun with LottoPoint is very easy – you can enter the official draw with a 1 individual line either with your lucky numbers or use Quick Pick for a fully random set. Better yet you can select Multi-Draw and play a pre-defined number of EuroJackpot draws – you’ll be saving on singles lines this way while giving your numbers a better chance.

EuroJackpot tickets with numbers and lines

Our Lotto Subscription is also available for EuroJackpot players, who want to make the most of their playing experience – with it, you’ll never miss a draw and you’ll get the best price too!

If your lucky numbers come up, claiming and receiving your winnings at LottoPoint is also completely hassle-free, as you’ll be immediately notified by e-mail or phone.

Smaller prizes will be credited directly in your playing account, ready for you to withdraw or enter more draws with. For bigger wins (over €10,000) a member of our team will contact you personally with a telephone call to let you know of the good news and arrange a transfer after a simple identity verification process is completed.


Quick Lottery Overview

With no less than 17 participating countries, EuroJackpot is a leading lottery, not only in Europe but on a worldwide scale. Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden are all in the game to help create those life-changing prizes.

The jackpot is limited, but it still starts at a highly impressive €10 million euros and doesn’t take long to reach its cap. This is also thanks to the exciting playing format – to win the top prize need to match correctly the 5 main numbers from 1 to 50 along with the 2 special “Euro balls” from 1 to 10.

The payout structure is equally generous with multiple categories – the only “drawback” one could be unhappy with is that there is only one draw per week on Friday. This, however, leaves you more than enough time to do your research, choose your numbers and create a playing strategy.

Head over to EuroJackpot results section and find out all the past and latest winning combinations – see how close you were to winning with your favorite numbers! Also, you will have access to the results history chart tool at any time.


EuroJackpot lottery map by countries

The Story of EuroJackpot

European map

The idea behind this game is simple and emerged around 2006 – it had to compete with other huge European lottery – EuroMillions, which was gaining great popularity. It took some years before EuroJackpot was organized, but it was all set in 2011 and the first draw took place in Helsinki on March 23th, 2012. It wasn’t however until October 2015, when all of the 17 participating countries joined.

While similar in numbers of ways to EuroMillions, EuroJackpot has its own characteristics – its top prize isn’t as big, but the winning odds are better, so jackpots and huge prizes are won more often. There was one notable transformation in October 2014, when the number of special numbers – the “Euro numbers” increased from 8 to 10. This decreased the odds for a jackpot win but proved successful as lower prize categories started generating bigger amounts.


How to Play the Game?

The biggest similarity between two of Europe’s biggest lottos is that in both, players need to choose 5 main numbers from 1 to 50, along with 2 special balls to secure the jackpot. In EuroJackpot, however, the bonus numbers are from 1 to 10, while its competitor employs a more complex format with 12 balls to choose from.

The minimum guaranteed top prize is €10 million euro, but as the game has a slightly bigger audience than EuroMillions, rollovers quickly boost the jackpot to its €90 million euro cap. Don’t forget the chances are better too!

lottery numbers selection


Prize Categories and Winning Odds

With 12 prize categories, you have plenty of opportunities to make a win, small or big. It all starts with getting one of the main numbers and the 2 “Euro numbers” right or vice-versa – there is an award for matching correctly 2 main numbers and one of the bonus balls. The overall odds to win any prize are 1 in 12 – slightly better than EuroMillions! It is worth pointing out that once the jackpot cap of €90 million euros is reached, the lower prize categories start accumulating huge amounts, so 2nd and 3rd levels also pay out life-changing sums – don’t get mad for missing a number or two and just be happy with your prize!
lottery balls

How to Win One of Europe’s Favorite Lotteries?

Couple on cruise vacation on the beach

All in all, EuroJackpot has quickly established itself as a must-play game for true lotto lovers with its huge jackpots, exciting playing format and generous prize division. One of the best ways to go for the jackpot in a lottery this big is joining a syndicate. Firstly, you’ll greatly increase your chances, as you’ll participate in the draw with a vast number of lines and secondly – you’ll be sharing the cost to enter the draw with your team.

Should you decide to play on your own, make sure you visit our winning strategies page for the essentials on how to play smart. The next step you might want to take to try and increase your chances is heading over to the statistics feature and see how the numbers perform – you’ll be able to view which are most and least frequently drawn numbers, or “hot” and “cold” ones, as we lotto enthusiasts call them.


Cool Facts for EuroJackpot


• 13th Lucky Draw – if no one matches the 7 numbers at the 13th draw, the next closest combination wins the jackpot.

• The Spanish love EuroJackpot – they play it with their national lottery and EuroMillions too.

• Drawing takes place in Finland’s capital – Helsinki.

• Theoretically, the EuroJackpot top prize should be won every 3 to 4 weeks.

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