Lotto Strategies

Lotto Strategies is the ultimate guide for international players. Check out the tactics below to make sure you know how to play the lottery the smart way so that you can get the most of your favorite game – a massive jackpot prize!

These fundamentals will help you understand how to play smart and hopefully – how to win the lottery. The strategic advice here will give you an edge over traditional players, so follow it and you’ll soon be able to increase your winning chances by picking your lotteries and numbers more efficiently without spending too much.

Enter the next lotto draw

No Lotto Ticket – No Jackpot Win

You want to win a huge jackpot, right? The only way to do it is by entering the next draw for one of the dozens of official lotteries offered at LottoPoint – we have selected over 20 of the world’s biggest games so you always have a choice. Make sure to enter your favorite lottos regularly – it’s the only way to win that jackpot!


play smart lotto strategies

Play SMART – Choose Your Strategy & Winning Odds

With so many different games and millions in jackpot prizes, it’s easy to get confused which is the best lottery to play so here is a little strategic advice – choose your online lottos smart, so you play it smart. Would you rather play for a billion dollar jackpot at the expense of lower winning odds or would you enter a smaller lottery, one with significantly better odds to book a win? How about having the best of both worlds? Everything is possible – we have a great variety of lotteries to suit everyone’s taste and budget, so head over to the lotto room and pick your favorite!


Get more lotto tickets

Increase Your Chances – Get More Tickets

As obvious as it seems this rule is always worth noting – the best way to increase your chances for a win is to enter as many draws as possible. Whether you play the lotto with multiple lines, join a syndicate or, best of all – get a subscription, LottoPoint has a number of features to create the best possible experience for all players including amazing promotions and discounts.

The best way to improve your chances of winning is by making a Subscription to any lottery of your choice! This way you will never miss a draw and you will feel safe that you haven’t forgotten to play with your lucky winning numbers.


Measure your winning odds

Think Smart

You should never forget that common sense is the primary key to success in every enterprise, including the lottery. Measure your overall chances carefully. For example, buying more lines for a single draw can prove a more fruitful choice rather than striving to participate in each and every draw.

When it comes to choosing their numbers, people’s strategies can range from totally random picks to the most sophisticated mathematical calculations. Yes, indeed, the lottery can be a science! There is research indicating that some numbers might be more likely to win than others and that there are number combinations that have a higher probability of being drawn than others. It’s up to you whether you will rely on such theories or you will stay out of extremities by keeping a healthy balance between odd, even, small and big numbers in your lucky set.

LottoPoint offers useful tools like the numbers frequency chart to help you plan your long-term lottery strategy in the smartest possible way. Take a business approach on the lottery, act smart and above all – be persistent. When there is a will, there is always a way!


Lottery prizes

Check and Claim your Prize

Millions in prizes are left unclaimed each year all over the world but at LottoPoint all of this is history. We will notify you immediately after your lucky numbers come up by e-mail or phone – the only thing you need to do is enter a draw! Simply make sure you provide us with your e-mail and correct phone number. Make sure you notify us of any change in your personal details to guarantee we can reach you!



So Now, Let’s Review the Main Tactics, Which Will Help You Win The Jackpot:

  • Choose a Lottery and Enter the Draw – it’s the only way to win it.
  • Decide if you want to go for multimillion jackpots or higher winning odds – it’s all possible playing lottos online!
  • Pick Your Numbers Smart – use statistics to make sure your combination includes a wide range of numbers, both “hot” and “cold”. Don’t limit yourself to birthday dates – lotteries feature more than 31 numbers.
  • Join a Syndicate – play with fellow enthusiasts and save on the cost of entering draws, while increasing your chances.
  • Subscribe for Your Favorite Game – guarantee yourself to never miss a draw, lose a ticket or miss claiming your prize and all at with a great discount.

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Congrats! Now you know the most important methods and techniques how to play lottos like a true professional – stick with those tips and a huge jackpot win is only a matter of time!

Another fantastic welcome bonus for all new lotto players! Make your first purchase at LottoPoint and we will match it 100% by adding the cash amount directly to your account so you get started with the best deal possible. Choose your lottery, pick your lucky numbers, enter the draw and receive 100% Cash Back – it’s that simple!

Discovered my favorite way to play lotto online

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Thanks to LottoPoint strategies I now discovered my favorite way to play lotteries online – in a syndicate! I have a couple of Group play teams now with my friends and with my family, so I am waiting for my big win now!

Good discount

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I don’t believe so much in strategies to win the jackpots, but the Lottery Subscription is something I didn’t know about… it’s actually a very good advice for frequent players. I get a good discount and give my lucky combinations the best chance.

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