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UK Thunderball Quick Overview:

Draw Days: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Overall Winning Odds: 1:12
Playing Format: 5/39 + 1/14
Starting Jackpot: £500,000 GBP
Jackpot Record: UK Thunderball
has a set top prize of £500,000



About the UK Thunderball Results

If you’re after multi-million jackpots only you can skip UK Thunderball as top prizes never exceed 6 digits, but that would be unfair to this extremely generous game. So what’s on offer if not millions in prizes? Quite a lot, in fact! How about a great 5/39 plus 1/14 drawing format, 9 prize categories, guaranteeing some of the best winning odds and three weekly draws, each with a starting jackpot of £500,000 GBP. Not too bad, huh?

Less Is More

UK Thunderball’s jackpot is fixed at a constant £500,000 GBP, which granted is little compared to other national lotteries, but remember there are 3 draws per week. And here is the interesting part – no matter how many players guess the winning combination, each and every one of them is guaranteed to receive the full 500,000 GBP – nothing is shared!

When are the Drawings?

UK Thunderball draws take place on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, providing a healthy dose of lotto action every week. The results are published right after the drawing is completed and you can immediately check the winning numbers. But now that you’ve seen this lottery is pretty serious, why not get your numbers and make the most of this great opportunity!

Bring a Strategy

One way to make full use of UK Thunderball’s great winning odds is to approach the game strategically and try to increase your already very decent chances. In 2016 the game’s most frequently drawn numbers have been 26, 19, 32, 30, 34 and Thunderball 3, while the “cold” numbers are 39, 35, 28, 9, 2 and Thunderball 7.

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