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Powerball SA Overview:

Draw Days: Tuesday, Friday
Overall Winning Odds: 1:18
Playing Format: 5/45 + 1/20
Starting Jackpot: 3 million ZAR
Jackpot Record: 102 million ZAR (2011)

South African lottery with SA map

Reasons to Check the South African Powerball Results Often

Powerball South Africa is the newest member of the Powerball lotteries, quickly establishing itself as more than a worthy one since 2009. The lotto family DNA is definitely there – two weekly draws, a massive 3,000,000 South African rands (ZAR) starting jackpot, which rolls over until it’s won and 9 prize levels with great winning odds!

Powerball-style Jackpots Included with The Latest South African Addition

The record jackpot of 102,000,000 ZAR, was won in 2011 by a single ticket and proving the game means business. Unlimited rollovers only add to the excitement, so get your tickets or join a Powerball SA Syndicate to enter these great draws – you could become a part of the next record or even better – the jackpot winner!

When are The Next Draws?

Similarly to the US original, Powerball South Africa winners are drawn twice a week – on Tuesdays and Fridays. You will be able to check the winning combinations at LottoPoint right after they’re announced. And even better – why not just enter the draws with your lucky numbers and wait for that life-changing phone call or e-mail!

Use The Power of Numbers in Your Favor

Powerball South Africa brings together attractive winning odds and an exciting drawing format – a perfect combination to apply a strategy to help you win! One tactic is to check out carefully the least and most frequently drawn numbers and try to use this info. In 2016 the “hot” numbers in this lottery are 18, 37, 34, 4, 30 with Powerball 19, while 28, 17, 27, 45, 13 and Powerball 11 are the “cold” numbers. Check out the useful Strategies Page to make sure you know how to play the lottery the smart way.

Powerball SA Winning Numbers Chart

You can check the most frequently drawn numbers in Powerball SA Lotto’s history anytime and choose your most promising combinations. Use the frequency chart tool on Statistics Page to create your own tactic and decide how to play the South African Powerball. Good Luck!