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Powerball AU Overview:

Draw Days: Thursday
Overall Winning Odds: 1:100
Playing Format: 6/40 + 1/20
Starting Jackpot: Au$3 million
Jackpot Record: Au$80,000,000 (2009)

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Reasons to Check The Australian Powerball Results Often

Powerball Australia is the local version of the original USA-based lottery and has similarly attractive characteristics – a massive Au$3 million starting jackpot and 8 prize categories with a more favorable 6/40 and 1/20 drawing format. The only significant difference is that draws are once a week, but feature much better winning chances, so all is even and equally appealing.

Huge Jackpots This Way with Powerball’s “Aussie” Relative

Don’t get left behind, Powerball Australia does very well when it comes to record jackpots, its own contribution to this amazing list standing at Au$80,000,000 back in 2009. Get Your Lucky Numbers at LottoPoint or Join a Syndicate and see how high prizes will get! You will be happy with unlimited rollovers, that’s for sure!

When are the Drawings

Oz Powerball draws are on Thursdays, with winning numbers published here right after the draws for you to check. However, what you really should be doing is playing the lottery, so we can let you know if you’ve won, as soon as the winning numbers are announced!

What The Numbers Say – Your Winning Strategy

No small feat winning the lotto, you can still employ a specific playing strategy to try and get the winning results you want. A simple way to do so is keeping an eye on the most and least frequently drawn numbers and decide how to use those statistics to your advantage. In 2016, the “hot” AU Powerball numbers were 8, 36, 20, 31, 9, 22 with Powerball 5 and the “cold” numbers were 27, 28, 30, 39, 40, 35 with Powerball 10. Check out our useful Strategies Page to make sure you know how to play the lottery the smart way.

Powerball AU Winning Numbers Chart

You can check the most frequently drawn winning numbers in Oz Powerball’s history anytime and choose your most promising combinations. Use the frequency chart tool on Statistics Page to create your own tactic and decide how to play. Good luck!