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Above are The Latest Winning Numbers from The Australian Oz Lotto

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Reasons to Check The Oz Lotto Results Often

OZ Lotto is an extremely popular lottery in Australia, launched in 1994. The game has only one draw per week, but more than makes up for a 7/45 drawing format, 7 prize levels and a generous starting jackpot of A$2,000,000, all creating above-than-average winning chances – turns out Aussies can do lotteries very well too!

A Gold Kangaroo of a Jackpot

OZ Lotto rates greatly when it comes to jackpot records, with its own sitting at almost A$112,000,000. The prize was won in 2012 and was shared between 4 lucky players. Jackpot rollovers are unlimited, so get your tickets or join a syndicate and break that record – top prizes regularly get well into 9-digit territory!

When Are The OZ Lotto Draws?

OZ Lotto draws are on Tuesdays with results available to check at LottoPoint right after the winning numbers are announced. Should you win a prize, we will notify you by e-mail or phone, with all winnings directly credited your account here, plus you can always see previous winning combinations!

Got Your Winning Aussie Method?

As easy to play as OZ Lotto is, it’s always helpful to have a playing strategy on your side. Would you go with your own lucky combination or play a random one? That’s up to you, but here’s little statistics to help you book a win – the most frequently drawn numbers in 2016 are 22, 44, 9, 5, 33, 1 and 37, while 40, 7, 14, 23, 10, 17 and 35 have been the least frequently drawn.

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