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Mega-Sena Quick Overview:

Draw Days: Wednesday, Saturday
Overall Winning Odds: 1:43
Playing Format: 6/60
Starting Jackpot: R$2,000,000
Jackpot Record: R$64.9 million



Why Check the Latest Mega-Sena Lottery Results Often?

Brazil’s flamboyant culture is transferred to the country’s national Mega-Sena lottery – an exciting 6/60 format, two weekly draws and a guaranteed starting jackpot of R$2,000,000! The game has 3 prize categories, which means that when you win, you win big – there are no limits on jackpot rollovers!

The “Samba”of lotteries comes with a real jackpot

Mega-Sena’s jackpot record was set on 2014 New Year’s Eve for a barely believable 263,000,000 Brazilian reals – how’s that for a late Christmas present?! Personal tickets or Subscription – it’s up to you how to decide how to be a part of the next jackpot record!

When Do Mega-Sena Drawings Take Place?

The official Mega-Sena lottery draws are every Wednesday and Saturday and the game has its own truck, traveling around the country, so the winning numbers are drawn at a different location! This doesn’t really concern you as a LottoPoint user – you can get your personal tickets or subscribe online whenever you decide and simply wait for the winning numbers in front of your PC or mobile device – we will notify you for all results and winnings!

What’s Your Jackpot Winning Tactic?

With its simple drawing format, Mega-Sena is a great lottery to use a Strategy and try to increase your winning chances. The 6 most frequently drawn numbers are 22, 6, 50, 4, 45, 17, while the “cold” numbers this year are 29, 31, 12, 36, 51, 46 – use this info in your battle for the top prize!