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Mega Millions Overview:

Draw Days: Tuesday, Friday
Overall Winning Odds: 1:14.71
Playing Format: 1/75 + 1/15
Starting Jackpot: $15 million
Jackpot Record: $656 million (2012)

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Welcome to The Mega Millions Results for Today

It’s not difficult to see why Mega Millions is one of the most popular lotteries worldwide – it’s simply one of the biggest, with a starting jackpot of $15,000,000 twice a week, which easily exceeds $100,000,000 after only a couple of rollovers. There are 9 prize categories for the 5/75 and 1/15 drawing format, which ensure a win is close to your reach.

Over Half a Billion Reasons to Play for The Jackpot

$656,000,000 – that’s the record jackpot in Mega Millions… need we say more? The amount was shared between three lucky players back in 2012, so it looks like it’s high time to set a new record. Play your own lucky numbers or Join a Syndicate at LottoPoint!

When are the Mega Millions Drawings

The Mega Millions lottery draws take place on Tuesdays and Fridays, so make sure you get your tickets on time! You can view the winning combinations here at our Results page, as soon as they are announced. In the fortunate event of a win, we will notify you immediately and credit the winnings in your account.

Choose Your Strategy in Line with The Lotto Format – It’s All About Winning Millions

Mega Millions uses a more complex numbers drawing format to achieve those stratospheric jackpot amounts. Players need to correctly guess 5 out of 75 numbers, along with an extra ball from 1 to 15, so it’s always helpful to employ a tactic.

For 2016 the least frequently drawn “winners” numbers are 47, 35, 58, 61, 10 and 8 for the extra ball, while the “hottest” numbers for this year are 46, 54, 28, 41, 48 and 4. Check out the useful Strategies Page to make sure you know how to play the lottery the smart way.

Mega Millions Winning Numbers Chart

You can check the most frequently drawn numbers in Mega Millions Lotto’s history anytime and choose your most promising combinations. Use the frequency chart tool on Statistics Page to create your own tactic and decide how to play. Good Luck!



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