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Spain’s La Primitiva is a true pioneer, when it comes to lotteries, dating back more than 250 years ago to 1763. But don’t be fooled by its long history – it’s quite a modern lottery, and one of the best at that. The simple 6/49 format, 5 prize levels, two weekly draws and guaranteed starting jackpots make La Primitiva a true lotto giant – join the fun now!

Far-from-primitive Jackpots

Top prizes in La Primitiva start with a guaranteed 3,000,000 EUR per draw, but frequent rollovers quickly escalate the jackpot amounts – the current record is 101,700,000 EUR set in 2005. Make sure you enter draws on time with your personal tickets or by joining a syndicate – you could be the next record-breaker!

When are The Draws?

La Primitiva has two weekly draws – on Thursdays and Saturdays. You will be able to view the winning numbers here immediately after the draws take place and see how close you were to winning. The game offers great winning chances and huge prizes, making it a favorite among lotto enthusiasts!

Prepare Yourself for a Win

This Spanish lottery employs one of the most basic drawing formats, making it perfect to use some statistics to help you try and match the numbers. The most frequently drawn La Primitiva numbers are 30, 40, 2, 12, 49 and 14, while the “cold” numbers are 25, 19, 42, 27, 48 and 26 – use this info for your strategy!

Numbers Frequency Chart

You can check the most frequently drawn winning numbers in the La Primitiva’s history anytime and choose your most promising combinations. Use the frequency chart tool on Lotto Statistics Page to create your own tactic and decide how to play.