Winning Numbers

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Official German Lotto 6 aus 49 draw results here

Germany’s practical approach to everything in life is easily recognized in the country’s national lottery – a straight-forward 6/49 plus an extra number, ranging from 0 to 9. With 9 prize categories and two weekly draws, featuring 1,000,000 EUR and 2,000,000 EUR starting jackpots, the renowned German quality is there!

Win the Jackpot with the Superzahl

The German Lotto is as good as any lottery gets with a record jackpot of more than 43,000,000 EUR. Both weekly draws are millionaire-makers, so get your entries on time and enjoy this outstanding lottery with your personal tickets or as part of a syndicate – get the last number right, the Superzahl, and win the jackpot!

When are the German Lotto draws?

Official German Lotto draws are on Wednesdays, when the starting jackpot is 1,000,000 EUR and Saturdays, when the top prize is doubled. You will be able to see the winning combination published here, as soon as it’s announced! This lotto offer great winning chances so get your personal tickets or join a syndicate and enter the draws on time!

Play it like a pro

Besides a generous payout structure, Germany’s national lottery features great odds to win a prize. You can bring statistics to the game as well and see if they can help you win the jackpot, so here are some of the important numbers in 2016. The most frequently drawn German Lotto numbers this year have been 30, 1, 10, 26, 35, 19 and 5, while the “cold” numbers are 24, 4, 3, 22, 36, 27 and 10.