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The Official EuroMillions draw result are here

EuroMillions is the biggest European lottery and one of the richest globally. Launched in 2004, the game has the habit of creating multi-millionaires overnight with a maximum jackpot of 190,000,000 EUR, 13 different prize categories and two weekly draws. You won’t be left disappointed with a winning EuroMillions ticket, that’s for sure.

It’s EuroMillions for a reason

The top prize in EuroMillions starts at 17,000,000 EUR and is capped at 190,000,000 EUR – if it isn’t won after two draws, it gets distributed further down the prize levels, creating massive lower-tier prizes. The maximum 190,000,000 EUR jackpot has already been won once by a British couple in 2012, so it’s definitely possible!

When is the next EuroMillions drawing?

EuroMillions results will be available for you to check here right after the two draws on Tuesdays and Fridays. The game has a very exciting 5/50 plus 2/11 format – get your personal tickets or join a syndicate and make the most of the biggest lottery in Europe.

Heat up your combinations

EuroMillions is a huge lottery with massive prizes and one way to enter it with a numbers strategy. Make sure you know which numbers are long overdue, as they might be the next winning ones! For 2016 the most frequently drawn numbers have been 20, 44, 37, 7, 12 with extra numbers 1 and 11, while the “cold” numbers are 42, 50, 1, 47, 46 and 12 and 3 as extra numbers.

Excellent service

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