Winning Numbers

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Quick Lottery Overview:

Draw Days: Wednesday, Saturday
Winning Odds: 1:23
Play Format: 5/47 + 1/27
Starting Jackpot: $7 million
Jackpot Record: $193,000,000 (2000)


The Sun is Out with CA SuperLotto Plus Results

With a huge guaranteed starting jackpot of $7,000,000 and an exciting 5/47 and 1/27 drawing format, it’s no wonder this is one the most popular US lotteries. The prize structure features 9 levels, providing great odds, as players secure a win, even only guessing the bonus number.

Welcome to the 9-digit Jackpot Territory

CA SuperLotto Plus’ jackpots roll over unlimitedly and the game’s top prize frequently reaches hundreds of millions of dollars. The current jackpot record of $193,000,000 was set back in 2000, so maybe it’s time for a new one!

The Moment of Truth – the Draws

Draw times are always a huge event for lotto players and with our Results Checker, you’re only a couple of mouse-clicks away from those life-changing news. You’ll be promptly notified for any winnings, which will be credited to your account, but you can always see how close you were to hitting the jackpot, should you miss one of the California SuperLotto Plus draws on Wednesday and Saturday.

It’s All About the Lucky Winning Numbers

Statistics are second nature to regular players and an essential part of the game for many. One of the great Features at LottoPoint is our Statistics Tool, which allows you to see the most and least frequently drawn numbers – for 2016, the “hot” numbers were 37, 26, 43, 32 and 13 with bonus numbers 2 and 10. 47, 18, 29, 22, 33 and extra numbers 12 and 3 have been the “cold” numbers this year. Check out Strategies Page to make sure you know how to play the lottery the smart way.