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What are Regular Lottery Draws?

Some official national lotteries employ a fairly simple drawing format, where the winning combinations are drawn from a preset number of balls, with no additional or bonus numbers in play.

Some of the most popular lottos using this model are Brazil’s Mega-Sena, Florida Lotto and Hoosier Lotto in the USA, which makes up for a very straight-forward playing experience, as participants only need to choose their lucky numbers from the total amount of numbers in play.

Thеsе games typically offer better chances of winning at the expense of the jackpot size due to their ordinary structure. While it could be argued these lottery types aren’t as exciting as others, which feature more numbers in their draws, they are great for beginners with limited playing experience.
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Are There Draws with Extra Bonus or Star Numbers?

Most of the biggest official lotteries such as these USA’s Powerball and Mega Millions, or EuroMillions and EuroJackpot feature a more complex drawing process, where after the predefined number of balls is drawn, another 1 or 2 extra numbers are randomly chosen from a separate pool of fewer numbers.

These are often called Bonus or Star numbers and players need them in their winning combinations to secure the jackpot. Despite their top prizes, these lotteries are often harder to win, they make up for that with their exciting drawing format and huge jackpots. Make sure you carefully check the winning Bonus numbers, as in some lotteries, correctly matching them alone will get you a prize.


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