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Game Info & Rules

Step in the chemical laboratory and mix winning prize formulas in this exciting online scratch card game! The Alchemist is here to help you find all the secret substances and win up to $500,000 when you match 3 in the scratch card fields.

The Alchemist is an animated 3×3 scratch card game for you to enjoy and win prizes by “scratching off” the winning symbols – uncover 3 of the same in one and you’ll win a prize up to 50,000 the amount of your max bet. The 11 different multipliers guarantee a lot of fun, trying to find the “best” formula and many different prizes.


How to play
The Alchemist

  • Use “+” and “-” for bet amount
  • “Buy ticket” to get your card
  • “Scratch off” by tapping screen to reveal symbols
  • “Reveal All” to see all winning fields
  • Match 3 symbols to win a prize

How to play The Alchemist

With The Alchemist it’s easy to become a prize-winning chemical scientist – simply reveal the scratch card fields to see the winning substances.

Match 3 of the same and you’ll see your winnings displayed – a prize of up to $500,000 is waiting to be uncovered in this easy-to-play scratch card game.


Step by Step:

  • Select your bet amount with “+” and “-” buttons.
  • Click on “Buy ticket” to place your wager.
  • Start “scratching off” for the winning formula or use “Reveal All” for all fields.
  • Uncover 3 matching symbols and the prize will show up in the “Win” box.


Game configuration:

  • Game type: 3×3 Scratch card game.
  • 11 x Winning prize levels.
  • 7 bet amounts: 0.50 – 10.00 per round.
  • Jackpot: Max bet x 50,000 = $500,000!
  • Auto-play functionallity – from 5 to 50 rounds.
play screen 1

play screen 2

play screen 3

Prize Table

winning symbol 11 Prize level 11 Bet x 50,000
winning symbol 10 Prize level 10 Bet x 1,000
winning symbol 9 Prize level 9 Bet x 250
winning symbol 8 Prize level 8 Bet x 100
winning symbol 7 Prize level 7 Bet x 50
winning symbol 6 Prize level 6 Bet x 25
winning symbol 5 Prize level 5 Bet x 10
winning symbol 4 Prize level 4 Bet x 5
winning symbol 3 Prize level 3 Bet x 2.50
winning symbol 2 Prize level 2 Bet x 1.50
winning symbol 1 Prize level 1 Bet x 0.50


The Alchemist lets you bet 7 different amounts up to 10.00 and discover your prize with 11 different multipliers, which you reveal in the scratch card game.

The biggest prize is $500,000 when you bet the maximum amount and uncover the biggest multiplier “chemical” symbol.

the alchemist cover

Game Controls

You don’t have to be a scientist to win a prize with The Alchemist – just select your bet with “+” and “-” and press “Buy Ticket” for your scratch card. Click or tap over the fields to uncover the hidden multiplier symbols or use “Reveal All” to see immediately if you’ve won a prize – it will show up in the “Win” box. The Alchemist offers numerous prizes thanks to the various multipliers and bet amounts.

buy ticket button – Buy Ticket button – submits the bet and starts the round. Then go to a “Reveal All” button for quick response.
reveal all button – Reveal All button – shows all symbols at once.
win display – Win display – shows the win value for current round.
balance display – Balance display – shows player balance at the current moment.
bet amount display – Bet increase and decrease display and functionallity.

Auto-play functionallity

The “Autobet” option is here to help you find the winning formulas and get a prize as quick as possible with The Alchemist! Set “Autobet” for the quickest and easiest way to play the game and reveal the winning fields.

auto-play button  – Auto-play button – enable Auto-play functionallity menu with all settings.


Before you let The Alchemist find all the winning substances, click on the “Settings” button next to “Buy Ticket” to set the “Autobet” functionality of the scratch card. Select the number of rounds you want to bet (5 – 50), what winning amount to cancel “Autobet”, as well as win and loss limits – you can still reveal all the symbols separately or with “Reveal All”.