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Game Info & Rules

Every day can become a happy Christmas day with massive gifts at Santa’s Workshop online scratch card game! Prizes up to 100,000 are up for grabs with the help of Santa’s dwarfs – just place your bet and see what this special game has for you!

Santa’s Workshop online scratch card offers many different winnings depending on how lucky your bet goes – it can reward you up to 10,000 times its amount. Simply choose the wager and get your ticket to receive 3 gift boxes, one of which holds a prize. Open it and if you see the golden coins come out, then you are the winner of the displayed amount!


How to play
Santa’s Workshop

  • Choose your bet with “+” and “-“
  • “Buy ticket” for game start
  • “Open” one of 3 boxes for prize or click “Autopick”
  • Find the coins and get the reward

How to play Santa’s Workshop

All you need to do to win one of many Santa’s Workshop prizes is finding the box with your gift. After you choose your bet amount, select “Buy Ticket” to start playing – 3 gift boxes will show up in front of you to choose from. Click or tap on the one you think holds the prize to open it – when you see the 3 golden coins show up, check your prize in the “Win” box! You can also use “Autopick” to open a random box.

Step by Step:

  • Enter bet amount with “+” and “-” buttons.
  • Choose by “Buy ticket” to start playing.
  • Click on one of the 3 boxes to check for your prize inside or select “Autopick” for a random box.
  • If you find the box with the 3 coins, you win the prize!


Game configuration:

  • Game type: 3×3 Scratch card.
  • 11 x Winning prize levels.
  • 7 bet amounts: 0.50 – 10.00 per round.
  • Jackpot: bet x 10,000, or maximum $100,000!
  • Auto-play function – 5 to 50 rounds.
Santa's workshop play screen 1

Santa's workshop play screen 3

Prize Table

Prize level 11 Bet x 10,000
Prize level 10 Bet x 1,000
Prize level 9 Bet x 500
Prize level 8 Bet x 250
Prize level 7 Bet x 100
Prize level 6 Bet x 50
Prize level 5 Bet x 20
Prize level 4 Bet x 10
Prize level 3 Bet x 5
Prize level 2 Bet x 2
Prize level 1 Bet x 1
0 No Win
Santa's workshop present symbol Present – Choose from 3 to Win
Santa's-workshop-losing-symbol Losing Symbol
Santa's workshop winning symbol Winning symbol


Santa’s Workshop has many different gifts for you – from as little as your bet to 10,000 times its amount! Just select 1 of 7 amounts to wager per round (0.50 – 10) and play for the many prizes, including 20,000, 30,000, 50,000 and even 100,000!

Santa's workshop character
Santa's workshop logo

Game Controls

Christmas gifts are made all the time at Santa’s Workshop and it’s so easy to win one with the simple buttons and controls. Start by adjusting your bet with the “+” and “-” controls and select “Buy Ticket” to start playing. Santa’s Workshop will let you pick 1 of 3 boxes to try and get the prize, which will be displayed in the middle below them. Click on the chosen box to open it or go with “Autopick” for a random box – if you see the gold coins come out then you are a winner!

Auto-play functionallity

Create and open gifts as quick and easy as possible to win Santa’s Workshop prizes with “Auto-play”!

Santa’s Workshop lets you choose how many rounds you want to play automatically when you configure the “Autopick” option from the “Settings” button on the bottom left. You can still open boxes by yourself or have a random one, so just select how many rounds you want (5-50), along with win and loss amount limits – you can even set “Auto-play” to turn off when you win a certain prize!

Santa's workshop play controls