Game Info & Rules

If you like keno and bingo games, you will absolutely love this modern version of the classic number games – Lucky Keno is here with some amazing features and prizes! Just match your selected numbers with the ones drawn in Lucky Keno and you could win up to $101,000! And to make things even more exciting, the special Multiplier Wheel is also offering a prize boost!

Lucky Keno brings a whole myriad of ways to win prizes with its many great features. To play and win, players need to select from 1 to 10 numbers, ranging from 1 to 80. The game will then draw 20 numbers from 1 to 80 – the more of them you match, the more you win! If you decide to enter the round with all 10 numbers, then 3 additional Lucky Numbers will be drawn.

When you match all 3 of them too, the Multiplier Wheel will be activated – spin it and your bet will be multiplied up to 100 times for another prize, which will be added to the total winnings in this round. To make it easier for you, there are also special patterns to help you place your numbers on the Lucky Keno board, as well as an “Autoplay” feature.


How to play Lucky Keno

  • Select bet amount using “+” and “-“
  • Choose numbers or use a Pattern
  • Use “Play” to start and see matched
  • “Quick Play” will fast-forward to results
  • Choose “Try Again” for more rounds

How to play Lucky Keno

Playing Lucky Keno is great fun and super exciting – just fill in your favorite lucky numbers and prepare to win, when you make enough matches!

First up, select your Bet amount (0.10-10) – after that, you are ready to pick your numbers. You can do this two ways – on your own, selecting your numbers on the board or with the Pattern feature, which will let you choose a random number combination in a form on the playing field!

Make sure, you play with all 10 numbers as often as possible to get the chance of activating the Multiplier Wheel for even bigger wins! The Settings menu will let you configure the Autoplay functionalities, while “Quick Play” will save you time between rounds, revealing all matches quickly.


Step by Step:

  • Enter bet amount with “+” and “-” buttons.
  • Pick your Lucky Keno numbers or use the Pattern option.
  • Click “Play” to begin round and see matching numbers.
  • The more numbers you match – the bigger your prize!
  • Select “Try Again” for another chance to win.
lucky keno play screen

Multiplier Wheel Screen:

lucky keno bonus screen

Prize Table

The minimum requirement for a prize is to match 3 numbers from the 20 drawn. All prizes depend on your bet amount and with how many numbers you choose to play. Here comes another great feature – if you enter the round with the maximum of 10 numbers, an additional 3 Lucky Numbers will be drawn too – match them all and the Multiplier wheel will come in play.
When the Multiplier Wheel is activated, a bonus spinning round will let you increase your winnings up to 100 times your bet,
which will be added to all prizes in that playing round.


The game prize multipliers in the prize-table below depend on how many numbers
are matched between those selected by the player and those drawn in the round.
The winnings are calculated by: Prize Multiplier x Stake = Prize.
Example: If your bet is 1 when playing 10 numbers and matching 9 of them, the pay-out will be: 2000 (bet multiplier) x 1 (bet amount) = 2000

lucky keno prize table with multipliers

lucky keno logo

Game Controls

Playing Lucky Keno digitally is incredibly easy and fun with the simple game controls. Use the “+” and “-“ to adjust your bet from 0.10 to 10. After that, fill in your lucky numbers manually on the Lucky Keno board or enter the “Pattern” option to select a pre-defined number combination. Hit the “Play” button and watch the drawn numbers appear on the board – the more of them you match, the more you stand to win! Don’t forget about the Lucky Numbers, which open up the Mutliplier Wheel, when you match all 3
– the maximum win in this game is 101,000!

lucky keno play buttons

Autoplay functionallity

Another great feature at Lucky Keno for those want to make the most of their playing experience is the Autoplay function. You can configure it from the Settings menu, located next to the “Play” button – set the number of rounds you wish to play automatically (5-50), as well as other options, including win limits, loss limits and if you want Autoplay turned off after a prize or certain amount is won.