Game Info & Rules

Join the Arctic Madness fun and win big prizes with the “Cubies” in this instant win digital slot game – just match 3 identical ones in the correct order and walk away with a prize up to 1,000 times your stake. There are many ways to win at Arctic Madness – as soon as you match 3 “Cubies” correctly, another 3 are coming for a double chance to win in one round!

Arctic Madness is an exciting video-based slot game, offering some great prizes when you manage to get 3 identical ice “Cubies” in one of the 5 correct line orders – horizontally and diagonally from left to right. The different “Cubies” you match multiply your bet accordingly, with special Bonus and Wild “Cubie’s” in play too! Get a Wild “Cubie” in a spin and use it as a prize-winning symbol or match 3 Bonus symbols in a spin for a special round, which multiplies your prize even more!


How to play Arctic Madness

  • Enter your bet with “up” and “down” symbols
  • Select “Spin” to play round
  • Match 3 “Cubies” correctly to win
  • Configure “Autoplay” options from “Settings”
  • Spot 3 matching symbols to win a prize
  • Try again with “Spin”

How to play Arctic Madness

All you need to do to have some Arctic Madness fun is enter the game, choose your bet from 0.05 to 2.50 and hit the “Spin” button! The slots will roll over the “Cubies” and as soon as you get 3 identical in the same horizontal or diagonal line, your bet will be multiplied into your prize – it could be up to 1,000 times!

This fantastic slot game also features special Bonus rounds, thanks to the “Wild” and “Bonus” symbols in play, as well as an “Autoplay” option, accessible from the “Settings” menu.
– Only the “Bonus” symbols match vertically as well!

arctic madness winning lines

Step by Step:

  • Configure bet amount with “up” and “down” buttons.
  • Hit “Spin” to play Arctic Madness round.
  • Match 3 identical “Cubies” in correct order for a prize.
  • Set “Autoplay” option from “Settings” to play rounds automatically.
  • Get another chance to win with “Spin”.


Game configuration:

  • Game type: 3×3 Instant win digital slot.
  • 3 reels with 5 lines cascading slot machine.
  • + “wild” symbol and “bonus” round.
  • Jackpot: bet ammount x 1,000!
  • Autoplay function – from 5 to 50 rounds.


arctic madness play screen 1

arctic madness play screen 2

How to play Arctic Madness

Enjoy this Instant win digital slot game!

Prize Table

arctic madness winning symbol 8 bonus game Bonus Game Opens
The Bonus Level
arctic madness winning symbol 6 - wild Wild Symbol Combines with all
Bet x 1,000
arctic madness winning symbol 6 Prize level 6 Bet x 200
arctic madness winning symbol 5 Prize level 5 Bet x 100
arctic madness winning symbol 4 Prize level 4 Bet x 25
arctic madness winning symbol 3 Prize level 3 Bet x 12
arctic madness winning symbol 2 Prize level 2 Bet x 6
arctic madness winning symbol 2 Prize level 1 Bet x 2


Six different “Cubies” are waiting to be matched together correctly and give you a prize of up to 1000 times your bet! With 6 different betting amounts, you have a lot of choice how to play – from Bonus spins to massive prizes, everything is possible with Arctic Madness!


Bonus Level Screen:

arctic madness bonus level screen

This game’s prizes can stack up as you play and you could win multiple times with a single bet in a round!
On top of that, unlocking the special Bonus level will increase your prize even more!

Game Controls

The game controls in Arctic Madness are simple and you can start playing for huge prizes right away! Use the up and down arrows to adjust your bet size per round and hit the “Spin” button to start. As soon as you match 3 identical “Cubies” in the right order, your winnings will be displayed in the “Win” box and you will receive another chance to win as the matching “Cubies” are eliminated and more come falling down!

Autoplay functionallity

Use “Autoplay” and enjoy Arctic Madness in the quickest and most exciting way for a massive prize!The game allows you to play automatically for a number of rounds with the “Autoplay” accessed next to the “Spin” game button. You can configure how many rounds to play (5-50), single win limits, bonus limits, as well as total win and lost limits – it’s all about some Arctic Madness and prizes here!

arctic madness game controls